Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Under The Boardwalk.......(sing with me)

This weekend we took a short trip to Fort Walton Beach, Florida to hangout with family. We went to the The Boardwalk in Fort Walton (http://www.theboardwalkoi.com/) to start the day with some beach volleyball. This place is really cool. Right on the beach, you can enjoy an entire day hanging out - with everything you need there at your convenience. Restaurants, souvenir shops, ice cream shop, arcade, a playground for the kids, adult beverages for the grown ups, beach volleyball courts, seating in the shade, & CLEAN bathrooms!

Some heavy competition was going on at the volleyball courts. Hubs & I enjoyed watching all that was happening ( we were having our ups & downs with the volleyball games - age up & skills down:) Meanwhile, my daughter found a friend her age to play in the surf and collect sea shells. My son found a friend about twice his age who was skim boarding. The guy was really kind to him and showed him how to use the board. (Mama is biting her tongue not sure what the fascination is with violently throwing yourself into the sand & surf. I watched through my fingers as he slowly got better about standing upright.) He also gave us some pointers on what kind of board we should get him and where we could pick it up locally. After hanging around The Boardwalk for several hours, we headed to find the surf shop to buy a skim board. (More watching through my fingers is on tap for me.)  :-D / :-[

Now it's back to the beach with a new skim board for the boy, a new boogie board for the girl, more family who just arrived in town, and hubs is going to try out his cousin's paddle board for the first time. We had a great time in Fort Walton Beach. The only problem with the visit was that it was too short but we are looking forward to heading back soon. Next trip will be to check out The Gulfarium, located right next to The Boardwalk! http://www.gulfarium.com/

Now I leave you with a video of hubs attempting to ride a paddle board. I can attest, they are not as easy to ride as it looks (thankfully my trip didn't get on video) These are his third and forth attempts at getting on the board. He's 6'6" and the board is not long enough. As you're about to see, in paddle boarding - size does matter. :)

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