Friday, August 23, 2013

Updates to the Website!

Today we worked on updating the website to make it easier to look for and find the things that are going on around the Gulf Coast.

Check out the Upcoming Events page to see the events that we have found on Twitter and put on our favorites list. We work to keep this list up to date with things coming up in the near and distant future. The list comes from all of our Gulf Coast contributors from Louisiana to Florida.

If you know you want to stay near home or are planning a vacation to a certain Gulf Coast state, check out the pages for each state. The page now includes the twitter stream from our Twitter list for each state. This information will include news, advertising, and information from a variety of businesses in the state.

Following the stream from Twitter is a list of and links to various attractions in each state. If you notice something we are missing, let us know and we would love to update out list.

Click the links below to check it out!





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