Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Garth in Birmingham and More


Garth Brooks in Birmingham

    Pictures and videos do not do justice to the fun and excitement of this concert. The crowd singing was magical, and Garth put on quite a show. The group I was with was all at least 10 years younger than Brooks, and none of us could run around the stage like he did, much less sing. 
    We were also treated to the privilege of being recorded for his next album for Amazon Music. I am really looking forward to when the music from this tour is released.

Fairfield Inn, Birmingham, AL

    For our trip to Birmingham, we stayed at the Fairfield Inn with Marriott on 1st Street. The hotel is clean and comfortable, staff was very friendly and helpful. It's convenient to the stadium but not close enough to walk in heels. We took an Uber to the concert. 
    Two things to be aware of when staying at this hotel. First, valet parking is limited. If you arrive too late in the evening or leave and try to return late in the evening, you will have to park on the street. 
    Second, apparently, 1st Street is the strip for drag racing in Birmingham. Starting at about midnight on Saturday night, cars were flying down the street. This was not great for loading and unloading late at night, having to park on the street when valet was not available, or for sleeping. We don't remember hearing the racing cars on Friday night. Also, this was one night; maybe it doesn't happen every weekend. 

Moon Shine Rooftop Bar

    We enjoyed a lovely evening of drinks, snacks, and watching the sunset at the Moon Shine Rooftop Bar atop the Elyton Hotel on Friday night. The atmosphere was terrific, the staff friendly and helpful, and we also enjoyed conversations with several patrons. The bar is also conveniently located next door to the Fairfield Hotel where we were staying. 

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