Monday, June 13, 2022

Our Weekend of Shopping and Relaxing

Saturday of Markets and Antique Shopping in Pensacola

T&W Flea Market

    Our first stop on Saturday was T&W Flea Market in Pensacola. Lots of ground to cover and lots of space available for anyone looking for a booth. Honestly, I am not usually a fan of flea markets, but this one has a good variety of products. 
    There are shops inside selling new and interesting items for gifts, everyday use, household, and more. There is also yard sale, antiques, and makers' booths. We didn't eat there, but they also offer several options for lunch while you're shopping. I can't help but wonder if there is even more available on the first weekend of the month.
    Definitely worth checking out if you like picking.

Pensacola Community Market 

    Calling all Makers and Shoppers!!! The Pensacola Community Market is a pop-up market that happens on various days and at various locations throughout Pensacola. It was a small market on Saturday but had some great vendors! The jewelry pictured is by TTE Designs, made from vintage tins. There were several jewelry booths, kids' clothing, gardening supplies, and homemade items. Check out the Pensacola Community Market website for information on becoming a vendor because the market also happened at a fantastic location - which brings me to our next stop...

Trader Bo's

    The Pensacola Community Market was in front of Trader Bo's so we made two awesome finds in one. Trader Bo's is full of amazing vendor booths and finds. Each booth is organized, neat, and easy to shop. Too much great stuff to try to name here, you're just going to have to check them out!

Franklin Antiques

    Our final stop in Pensacola on Saturday was Franklin Antiques. This is another goldmine for "junk shopping" ( as we call it). Not really any junk here, just rows and rows and rows of booths. We were concerned we might get lost in the maze! :) We purchased numerous great items here, including a sterling silver salt spoon that my daughter turned into a pinky ring.

Sunday Relaxation at Pirate's Cove

After a full weekend of shopping, we spent Sunday relaxing on the beach. We also had some laughs watching kids and dogs playing in the sand and water. Unfortunately, our day was cut short by a storm rolling in but we held on as long as possible. 

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